Good Time Poster, 2021


My poster for the 2021 ‘Feature Presention’ Exhibition in Brisbane, Australia.
I genuinely love this movie. I think it has so much heart, is tense, sad and deep. For me, the movie is about love. Connie’s love is flawed, messy and often damaging. He is self-serving, scrappy, impulsive, lacks foresight and doesn’t care who he hurts to achieve what he wants. Is he the right person to be taking care of his brother? Maybe not. But could you confidently say that being trapped in a system you didn’t want to be part of, who’s care and compassion has its limits is better? it’s unclear. What is shown throughout the movie is that Connie love is unconditional and he never falters from his goal to be reunited with Nick. There is a lot of ugliness created in the wake of that, absolutely, but I think there is a lot of beauty in this film too.




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Niqui (Nikki) Toldi (she/her) is an illustrator, artist and muralist.

She has a bachelor in Visual Communications Design and for 7 years practised branding and graphic design at before stepping out on her own.

In her personal practice she explores themes of identity, expressions of femininity, emotions, connectedness and nature.

Niqui is very impressed by most animals.

Select Exhibitions

‘MOSS Deck Art Show’ 2021, MOSS Foundation Group Show, Port Melbourne VIC

‘Sensitive Sweethearts’ 2020, Midsumma Festival Group Show, VIC

’Dead Format II’ Group Show + curation 2018, QLD & VIC

‘Love and Other Crimes’ Group Show 2018, Brisbane QLD

‘Green Demon’ Risograph Group Show 2016, Collingwood VIC

‘Fastplant’ Kontraband Studios Group Show 2016, Toowomba QLD

‘New Wave’ Analogue Gallery group show 2016, Brisbane QLD

‘Dead Format’ Group Show + curation 2016, Brisbane QLD

‘The Gentle’ The Gentle Void Gallery group show 2016, Hobart TAS

‘Unbeing’ Solo Show 2015, Brisbane QLD

Clients Include

YouTube Australia

Complex Mag (US)

Splendour in the Grass

Secret Sounds


World Science Festival

Queensland Ballet

La Boite Theatre


Brisbane Festival

The Princess Theatre

The Tivoli